• @BigFish @Tom This is a function of technology, not economics. Wendy's, and the rest of them, would have replaced $8.50/hour workers soon enough. Futurism is going to make all laborers obsolete. With this progression, a different social structure will be the only option.
  • @Tom if only there were some way for us to see that article. Like a link... But honestly it's no surprise. Higher minimum wage changes the economics of doing business. Many low income jobs will be eliminated. Many other goods and services will go up in price.
  • Tom
    All these people who are passionate about raising the minimum wage to an arbitrary $15/hr should also see this article I saw today about Wendy's moving quicker to self checkout kiosks in their stores.
  • @ReDxSiLLy @BigFish There's also a third position. Against it because it is really bad economics and in favor of people have a decent standard of living. Earned Income Tax Credit is far better than minimum wage
  • Increased to reflect inflation, that is all.
  • @BigFish "There are over 14 programs administered by the U.S. Department of Education related to foreign exchanges and designed to increase opportunities for students to study abroad." WOW
  • @BigFish having small govt does not preclude us from having a robust safety net for those that need it. What we don't need is all of the aid for those that don't need it and all of the labyrinthine bureaucracy…
  • @nxnn This is at least the second or third time that's been brought up, and I have acknowledged that difficulty. If you don't attack the issue through a min wage then there has to be a more comprehensive safety net for low income families. And that's by no means small gov't.
  • @BigFish the necessary living wage for a 32 yo single parent of 2 kids is far higher than the living was for a 16 yo high schooler just trying to earn summer cash and work experience. Businesses shouldn't have to pay the high schooler a wage to feed a family right?
  • @BigFish so its dead weight loss, but I wouldn't assume it gets passed along. Surely some people would be fired if min wage was raised from 7.25 to say 10. Look at youth unempt right now for instance. Plus like I said before its much more difficult to pay living wage than it seems
  • @nxnn We've assumed costs are passed onto consumers, not that employees who make somewhere in the gap are fired.
  • @BigFish you ignore the people who are fired that earn between current and proposed min wage. If they aren't fired it is dead weight loss for econ. I have no problem with charity public and private, just dont think economy should be manipulated in order to achieve it
  • @nxnn We're doomed to repeat this conversation in perpetuity it seems. The increased costs of business (wages) get passed on to consumers, not all of whom make minimum wage, therefore the increased wages will be greater than the costs passed on to them. Net benefit.
  • @BigFish even though a higher minimum wage does not actually create said higher standard of living
  • @ReDxSiLLy There is no argument that increasing the minimum wage will lead to more jobs or a more efficient market. The two sides are: against it because it is stupid from an economics perspective, and for it because you think people should have a certain standard of living.
  • @BigFish How does penalizing the job creators with increased wage burden help? The #1 liability for any business are wages. They only have X amount for wages. If minimum wage increases, they will have to lay people off or simply not higher additional help and automate procedures.
  • @ReDxSiLLy I think the far larger problem is top dog syndrome. Like the championship team that comes out flat the following year, we're accustomed to being number one, and ignorant of the fact that it was hard ass work that got us here.
  • @BigFish A log of that is because of the tax burden the US has put on its' citizens. The harder you work, the more they are going to take. If you live in Clear Fork...another 1% will need to be paid this year.
  • @Thoughtologist I love America, and how freaking awesome it is due to the hard work of those who came before us. That being said, Americans of today on the whole aren't a shining example of drive and ambition.
  • @BigFish exactly! The gaps are much wider here! As is the level of drive, and ambition.
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@Moderator I propose a new topic thread where we can debate personal tax reform. I don't want to crush @ReDxSiLLy 's idea in this forum.


@nxnn Nah... :) People just need to realize that with minimum skills you get minimum pay.
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