• Football vs. Soccer

    Is Football better than Soccer?
  • Human Consciousness

    Do you believe there is more to human consciousness than just the physical person?
  • Nuclear Weapons

    Should we continue to spend huge amounts of money on weapons that we can never use?
  • College Basketball

    Is college basketball better than the NBA?
  • Organ Donation

    Should there be a system of presumed consent in order to increase the amount of organs available
  • Hillary Clinton

    Do you support Hillary Clinton?
  • Fantasy Football

    Should NFL players be allowed to play fantasy football?
  • Life Jail Sentence

    Should a life sentence mean just that, Life without parole?
  • BCS Playoff

    The 4-team playoff in college football will fix the broken system.
  • pedofiles

    Should Pedophiles spend the rest of their natural lives in Jail?
  • Transplant recipients

    Should transplantation of organs be on the grounds of medical necessity rather than age?
  • 3rd Term

    Should President Obama run for a 3rd term?
  • Television and Movies

    is the level of serious violence, torture, and explicit sex scenes on TV and Movies acceptable?
  • Vulnerable Adults

    Should the UK legislate to protect vulnerable Adults from abuse in the same way they do for Children
  • Parenthood Licenses

    Should parents have a license to have children?
  • Car Manufacturers

    UK speed limit 70MPH, should car manufacturers only build road cars that cannot breach this limit?
  • Illegal Drugs

    Can The UK Government and UK Police Services win the war on drugs?
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